Families are the corner stone of society. Happy families make happy societies. Broken families make broken societies. And while average age in western society is relatively old and getting older, developing nations typically have younger populations.

Single motherhood particularly is an issue to address, also given the patriarchal nature of West African culture and the harsh reality of daily life that too often is a struggle. To raise a child and keep standing on your own feet is a different challenge all together.

program objectives

Our talent program in Nigeria aims at enabling young women to run a small business, and achieve some level of financial and social autonomy. Small business in Nigeria is first and foremost a way to survive. But we want it to be more than that, beyond survival and into a comfort zone that provides stability, perspective and peace of mind. Our approach includes the raising of the child. After all, when mommy is doing well this reflects on the wellbeing of the child, and vice versa.

some further reflections

Combining motherhood and work already is quite a challenge, but even more so when struggling to live the day and pay the rent. Simple things we too often take for granted in western society can be an ordeal for parents in Nigeria, such as getting the kids to school and paying for the bus. It can become a vicious circle that causes them to lose perspective on what can be done to escape it. Our program wants to break that circle. Becoming a self-sufficient and independent woman already makes a huge difference for both mother and child.

A working mom

Small business in Nigeria often is considerably more informal, allowing for family and other private responsibilities to blend in during working hours. It is not unusual for working mothers to take their children with them, simply because there isn’t another choice. Of course this has a profound impact on the development of the child that leans from a young age how to survive.

How to combine work with motherhood is definitely an important issue to address, also considering other aspects of the child’s development such as school attendance, playing, stimulating talents, and health.

A stable & safe home

Nothing is more important for a child than to live in a stable and safe environment. It all depends on the parent(s), able to provide financial and emotional stability. But also, a working mother is an important role model for the child as it learns to understand how to survive in a world where nothing is for free.

Our program guides young mothers in learning how to combine responsibilities at home with running a small business. It can also contribute to a positive atmosphere at home from which both the parent(s) and child prosper as they start feeling confident about the future.

Enjoying childhood

The situation at home can be quite depressing when parents are  constantly struggling to pay the bills. Average salaries in Nigeria hardly cover the costs of living. The constant stress affects the child’s development from a very early age. Our program wants to help young mothers to break that circle and move on. It will have a positive influence on the development of the child.

Our program helps young mothers to find a renewed balance between work and parental responsibilities, allowing the child to enjoy its childhood, making new friends and discover its talents.

Many women in the program are single mothers. But if daddy is around he is most welcome to jump onboard. If that’s you, your support is very appreciated. Being an entrepreneur can be very demanding at home. An encouraging environment is very helpful to make it work. That’s where you come in. So it’s important that you understand what it is about. It may become a very rewarding journey for all of you.

Share the dream

Our program is offered on a non-profit basis. Please consider making a donation. Or perhaps you like to adopt a student and share in her dream. More information is available on our contact page.

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