what makes our clock tick?

AISIA® is an international association of leading scientists and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of scientific and professional backgrounds: neuroscience, evolutionary biology, linguistics, anthropology, educational sciences, ecology, artificial intelligence, and more. We combine hard science and hard facts with practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship, strategic & operational marketing, business development and transformative change.


AISIA® is all about exploring new directions in a globalising and diversifying world that is calling for equity and a radical change of perspective. Traditional educational and human resource services simply are no longer able to keep the pace in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on intercultural contact and exchange. There is a growing disconnect. From small to big, any business can only survive when it knows how to close the gap.


Markets are getting more volatile and insecure. The life cycle of countless products and services is becoming shorter – largely under influence of sociocultural and life style trends and already up to the point they lose their relevance within just a few years. This calls for a more dynamic and energizing approach of how to organize and empower human resources. To stay on top of the game is to know how to accelerate in a changing world.

AISIA® is both thinktank, and developer of HRM and training programs. Traditional services in these fields are already beyond the point of being obsolete and irrelevant as they haven’t kept up with the newest scientific developments in the fields mentioned above. Our approach is science-based, with a strong emphasis on the evolutionary context of human and societal advancement. Society is in a constant state of flux, hovering between the old and the new or between tradition and postmodernity. To stay on top and show leadership is sometimes a matter of manoeuvring between the two, and sometimes to make a leap of faith. That’s how progress is being made.

meet the founding team

An appreciation of diversity is what brought us together, knowing it holds the key to success in any business and other walks of life. We not only embrace it, we also practise it ouselves by surrounding ourselves with people from a widest variety of backgrounds – geographically, culturally and professionally.

We live by our motto: To understand diversity is to be diverse.

Dr. Laura Lazar


Laura is gender diversity and empowerment expert in a wide variety of business fields, from corporate to medium sized.

Modupe Ativie


Modupe is internationally experienced in the field of business consulting, HRM and career counselling.

Drs. Patrick Breukers

the Netherlands

Patrick is anthropologist and economist. He is an international urban planner and commercial real estate developer.

notification: new team members are added on this page soon.

join the team, share the passion

We are always looking for unique minds and original thinkers in the fields of science, business, philosophy and arts. People who can look beyond the status quo and understand the fundamental challenges our world is facing today. You are passionate about people and overjoyed when succeeding in making a difference for someone somewhere in the world. Our team consists of people from different parts of the world, and with the widest viariety of professional and cultural backgrounds. Unlike what you have ever seen before.

AISIA® is an international association of scientists and professionals in a variety of fields. We combine practical experience with the newest insights in fundamental and applied sciences. We work on a non-profit basis. Eligible for participation are individual professionals and organisations, both private and governmental.

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