empowerment & education

Let us help you transforming your business. We offer a variety of empowerment and educational services to get you on the way.


Diversity is smart business. Companies able to diversify are the ones that stay ahead and in the game. It isn’t really a choice.


AISIA brings diversity to the frontline of your business. We don’t make it easier, but we will make it better. That’s a promise.

In 2022 we focus our yearly talent program on young Nigerian women. There are many good reasons for that, considering how Nigerian society is evolving and offering an abundance of new opportunities.

Small business in Nigeria

Nigeria’s economy is booming but nonetheless it is difficult for many young people to catch on. Our program wants to empower young women to take their future into their own hands and find a piece of happiness they can call their own.

Nigerians in Germany

Being caught between two different cultures it can be very difficult for Nigerians to find their way in German society. Our program wants to get them on board and on their way to a new life of prosperity and happiness.

Next generation

Being a young female entrepreneur in Nigeria can be quite a challenge when also being a mother. It can be an opportunity from which the child can prosper as well. After all, when mom is doing well this reflects on the welfare of the child.

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